Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Keri the Vampire Hunter

This is Part 1 of a 3-Part Vampire Series

Keri is on vacation when she receives a call from her agency about bodies turning up all over town that are drained of their blood. She swore that she would not let work get in the way of some R&R, but they convince her to peek into the case and see what she can do.

As a precaution, Keri chokes down some Dead Man's Blood, just in case she gets bit. She finds the Vampires lair, but things take a turn for bad when she is seduced by her prey. Under Cali the Vampire's control, Keri ever-so-willingly does a provocative strip tease for her mental captor, who gently molests her half naked body. Cali can not wait to taste this fine specimen, but just before she gets a chance to sink her teeth in, Keri snaps out of her trance just long enough to stun Cali with a head butt.

This 7:41 video includes vampires, erotic magic, forced stripping, mind control and is available in Full HD in my Cali Logan and Friends Store.

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