Thursday, April 4, 2013

Army Brats- Choose your own ending: Kym vs Cali

Kym and Cali are both proud members of the Army, and feel that they are the baddest bitches in town. To prove which of the two is truly the toughest, they have decided to match up for a one on one fight. Both are confident in their ability to beat the other senseless, and fight their hardest to be victorious.

The battle involves breast mauling, front and back wedgies, face sitting and many more catfight tactics. There are 2 different versions of the video. One where Cali wins at the end, the other where Kym wins. The first 12 minutes of each clip are the same, only the ending is different, so choose wisely!!

The full HD version of Army Brats- Cali Wins can be found in the store Cali Logan and Friends. If you would prefer to see Kym win this match up, click here!

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