Saturday, March 30, 2013

Babysitter Hog Tied

Cali is watching this bratty kid who will not leave her alone about playing games. She finally gives in and agrees to play "Bank Robber" letting the kid tie her up into a strict hog tie. Cali tries to end the game, but the kid has other plans, grabbing a ball gag and some tape out of her dad's *special secret box* and using it on her captive sitter.

Cali struggles around on the floor while the "Bank Robber" puts a plastic bag over her head, ball gags her and duct tapes over it. Finally, she decides that Cali is a dirty girl and drags her into the bathroom for a nice little bound bath. The mother comes home just in the nick of time to save Cali from drowning.

This 17 minute clip includes rope bondage, tied elbows, ball gag, tape gag, breath play, water bondage, struggling, hogtie.

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