Sunday, March 31, 2013

Wonder Girl and Wonder Woman take on Gold Dust

In the 1st installment of a 3-part Superheroine parody....

Wonder Girl and Wonder Woman have been trying to solve a case of missing girls for weeks, and finally come across a lead in an abandoned art studio.

They head to the location to investigate where they find Gold Dust waiting for them. The girls begin to fight with the villain who ends up defeating them both with a mind control laser. Its going to be a rough run for the Wonder Duo.

This 11:21 video includes costumes, superheroines, action scenes, female fighting, peril, erotic magic and is available in HD in my Power and Peril Store.



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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Babysitter Hog Tied

Cali is watching this bratty kid who will not leave her alone about playing games. She finally gives in and agrees to play "Bank Robber" letting the kid tie her up into a strict hog tie. Cali tries to end the game, but the kid has other plans, grabbing a ball gag and some tape out of her dad's *special secret box* and using it on her captive sitter.

Cali struggles around on the floor while the "Bank Robber" puts a plastic bag over her head, ball gags her and duct tapes over it. Finally, she decides that Cali is a dirty girl and drags her into the bathroom for a nice little bound bath. The mother comes home just in the nick of time to save Cali from drowning.

This 17 minute clip includes rope bondage, tied elbows, ball gag, tape gag, breath play, water bondage, struggling, hogtie.

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sexy Wrestling Federation- Niki Lee vs Cali

Niki Lee Young is determined to strip Cali Logan of her "Queen of the League" Title and be the new Sexy Wrestlig Federation Champion. As much as Cali tries, she ends up defeated, submitting to a reverse figure four leg lock.

This female fighting clip includes wrestling moves such as camel clutch, figure 4 leg lock, boston crab, bear hugs and is available in my store Cali Logan and Friends

xoxo, Cali

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mannequin Rotation

Cali is trying to get you to give her the script for the shoot today, but its nothing more than a rediculous picture of Medus----AAAA! Before she knows it, Cali is frozen solid, spinning helplessly on display. You have a little fun poking at her stiff body.

This freeze video is a single cut, with no camera tricks or blinking and is available in my store Cali Logan and Friends

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Jogging Sprain

Cali is almost finished with her jog when she twists her ankle in a crack on the side walk. She suffers a bad sprain that needs plenty of attention.

Human Yoga Knot

Cali is really excited to try out her new yoga routine. It looks a bit challenging, but she is pretty advanced and confident in her skills.

The first few moves are tough, but she manages to contort her body into the various poses. Then things start to get very interesting as her body begins to move into positions she never thought she would be capable of.

She has some sort of a sensual, out of body experience. Extra legs and arms appear out of no where. By the end of the routine, she is in a giant human knot. Relaxed, but a bit confused.

This 10 minute clip includes yoga, contortion, human knot and is very artsy/Avant-Garde.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Trophy Hunters Taped

Cali is an underground trophy hunter, and she's had her eye on Jamie Daniels for some time now. Much to her surprise, when she breaks into Jamie's house to make the dream a reality, it seems that someone has beat her to the punch.

Jamie is all taped up, and out of nowhere, Niki Lee Young captures Cali and tapes her up too. It turns out that Niki is also a trophy hunter, and now she is going to have 2 lovely trophies to bring back to her gallery!

While Niki is having some fun with her new fugative, antagonizing and rubbing her dirty feet all over Cali's face, Jamie manages to escape. She over powers both girls and leaves them mumified in tape. They struggle their hardest, but Niki and Cali are completely helpless.

This 15 minute video includes betrayal, tape bondage, mumification, tape gags, foot domination, struggling.



Thursday, March 7, 2013

Glue trap Socks and Bare Feet

Cali had a great idea to get out of this glue trap...simply remove her feet from the shoes! The only problem is that now her socks are stuck in the gooey trap.

This 5 minute clip is available in my store Cali Logan and Friends.
The final part of this video is also now available!
Cali's bare feet are stuck in the glue and it doesnt seem like she will ever get out!

Wonder Girl faces the Crimson Ninja

Wonder Girl has become bored with being the side kick to Wonder Woman. She wants to prove that she has what it takes conquer Super Villains on her own! The naive girl rummages through her boss' office and finds information on a woman named Scarlet Shadow. She is a ninja who works closely with some of the most notoriously dirty chemistry labs in the area.

Wonder Girl manages to track the villain down, interrupting a training session. Scarlet Shadow laughs at the notion of being "taken in" by this little twit, but after a hard blow to the jaw, decides that she will use Wonder Girl as a lab rat, instead of simply sending her on her way empty handed.

The Superheroine finds herself tied spread eagle to a bed and injected with Eros Serum. Scarlet Shadow explains that she will begin to feel impure thoughts and at the onset of an orgasm, the immoral dirty persona will take over. She tries to fight the serum, but with a Hitachi wand vibrating hard on her clit through the spandex pants, its too much for her to resist, and she gives in.

This climax will last a lifetime as the effects are now permanent, and she is now nothing more than a mindless little slut.

This 9 minute video includes superheroines, costumes, forced orgasm, bondage, fight scene, transformation and is available in my store Power and Peril.

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Kyoto's Revenge on Batgirl

In the Sequel of this Superheroine Parody...

Batgirl meets Kyoto at the agreed upon location, expecting full cooperation. Instead, she is met with tricks and hostility. A disappointed Batgirl prepares to fight. Only today, Kyoto is more prepared and does not falter.

After a vicious fight, Batgirl is weakend. Kyoto takes full advantage of the bat's state of exhaustion, dishing out every torture tactic that Batgirl used on her the day before. Finally, she decides to unmask and sit on Batgirl's face until she is out cold, then drags her away to join Miss America in captivity.

Kyoto came to the US to capture a Beauty Queen. Now she has a beauty queen and a superheroine! Her country will surely win Miss Universe now.

This 11 minute clip includes superheroine, costumes, female fighting, tickling, hand over mouth, rope bondage, interrogation, demasking and will available in my Power and Peril store Friday, Mar 8 at 4pm est.


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