Monday, February 11, 2013

Revenge of the Asylum Escapee

In this Superherone Parody...

Months prior, Batgirl put a troubled girl into an Asylum for safe keeping. During her time there she was sedated, brainwashed and led to the brink of her patience. She used her time at the facility to do strength and agility training, in addition to learning about the powerful medication that she was administered daily.

On the day of her escape, the girl stopped by the nurses station and stole a large syringe of a powerful sedative that she planned to use on Batgirl to render her immobile. She spent the next several days scouring the town, until she stumbled upon Cali Gordon's place and discovered Batgirl's true identity.

This was her chance for revenge! She batted with the bat until she was afforeded the opportunity to administer the shot. Once it kicked in and Batgirl was frozen from head to toe, she disrobed the paralyzed heroine, fondling every inch of her body. Just as the serum was starting to wear off, Batgirl is ziptied and carried away.

This 17 minute clip includes superheroines, spendex, costumes, peril, groping, forced stripping and is availabe in my Power and Peril Store.


  1. You are right Cali, your button is perfect

  2. You are right Cali, your legs and buttocks are perfect.