Saturday, February 23, 2013

Batgirl Gets Schooled- Part 3: Pie Time

In this 3rd installment of a 4-part superheroine parody...

Poor Batgirl has been put through the ringer by Faith, Hope and HQ. She can barely stand up after the beatings she's taken!

Of course though, Harley has plenty more tricks up her sleeve for Batgirl. She first has the girls put her into more painful wrestling holds, strip her down and secure a nose hook device to the Bat's head. From there she has some fun torturing her captive and has her minions force feed her the Joker's special sleepy pie. HQ delivers some hard spanks to Batgirl's butt before having the girls drag her off for a good cleaning.

This 12 minute clip includes superheroines, peril, costumes, wrestling, nudity, messy, pie in face, humiliation, bondage equipment and is avaialble in my store Power and Peril.

Enjoy the pics! Cali

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