Friday, February 8, 2013

Ashley's Fart Submission

Ashley Graham has accepted Keri Spectrum's challenge to a competitive submissions match. She knows that Keri is very skilled, but still thinks she might be able to hold her own.

Right out the gate, Ashely is submitted with an armbar. From there, the submissions continue and as much as Ashley tries to submit Keri, she just can't get the upper hand.

Finally Ashley gets Keri down into a reverse school girl pin. Even though Keri would never submit with this move, Ash is super excited to have a little bit of leverage over her opponent and sneaks out a fart.

Keri confronts an embarrased Ashley about the fart, who denies it. Then she realizes that she just might be onto something, letting a couple more go until Keri submits and says that Ashley is the winner of the round.

This 11 minute clip includes grappling, female fighting, wrestling, farting and is available in my General Fetish Store.


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