Saturday, February 23, 2013

Know It or Show It

Rachel DD accepted the challenge to play Know It or Show It. Her trivia...Politician or Porn Star. She ends up completely nude and embarresed. Guess she sould study up next time!

This 12 minute clip includes forced stripping and games and is available at

Batgirl Gets Schooled- Part 3: Pie Time

In this 3rd installment of a 4-part superheroine parody...

Poor Batgirl has been put through the ringer by Faith, Hope and HQ. She can barely stand up after the beatings she's taken!

Of course though, Harley has plenty more tricks up her sleeve for Batgirl. She first has the girls put her into more painful wrestling holds, strip her down and secure a nose hook device to the Bat's head. From there she has some fun torturing her captive and has her minions force feed her the Joker's special sleepy pie. HQ delivers some hard spanks to Batgirl's butt before having the girls drag her off for a good cleaning.

This 12 minute clip includes superheroines, peril, costumes, wrestling, nudity, messy, pie in face, humiliation, bondage equipment and is avaialble in my store Power and Peril.

Enjoy the pics! Cali

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Co-ed Cruelty

Cali is the mean girl on campus who knows that Danielle desperately wants to be her friend. She constantly forces other girls to do her homework, and when Danielle doesn't agree to these terms, Cali finds a way to make her comply.

She ties up the beautiful blonde and has a little bit of fun fondling and spanking her. After taking some blackmail photos, Danielle agrees to finish mean Cali's homework while she goes out on a date.

This 10 minute clip includes rope bondage, cleave gag, spanking, fondling

Blow to Pop Challenge

I challeneged Sara Liz to see how many balloons she could pop in ten minutes. She thinks she can do 10, so I give her 1 of each color and set the timer. Think she can do it?

This 10:30 clip is all B2P and is available in my General Fetish Store.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Crimson Ninja vs Wonder Girl

Wonder Girl has become bored with being the side kick to Wonder Woman. She wants to prove that she has what it takes conquer Super Villains on her own! The naive girl rummages through her boss' office and finds information on a woman named Scarlet Shadow. She is a ninja who works closely with some of the most notoriously dirty chemistry labs in the area.

Wonder Girl manages to track the villain down, interrupting a training session. Scarlet Shadow laughs at the notion of being "taken in" by this little twit, but after a hard blow to the jaw, decides that she will use Wonder Girl as a lab rat, instead of simply sending her on her way empty handed.

The Superheroine finds herself tied spread eagle to a bed and injected with Eros Serum. Scarlet Shadow explains that she will begin to feel impure thoughts and at the onset of an orgasm, the immoral dirty persona will take over. She tries to fight the serum, but with a Hitachi wand vibrating hard on her clit through the spandex pants, its too much for her to resist, and she gives in.

This climax will last a lifetime as the effects are now permanent, and she is now nothing more than a mindless little slut.

This 9  minute video includes superheroines, costumes, forced orgasm, bondage, fight scene, transformation and is available in my Superheroine store Power and Peril.



Sunday, February 17, 2013


Cali arrives to the freeze shoot and cant understand why the camera man wont talk to her. All he does is hand her this weird photo of medusa. She looks at it and is immediately turned to stone. Once she is frozen, the camera man turns on the rotating pedistol she is standing on and pans around her body. There are no cuts or special effects in this 5 minute freeze clip.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Training Kitty Cali

Cali is a bad little kitty, and Danielle feels that she needs to be properly trained. She takes her out for a walk on her leash and uses her riding crop to teach Cali posture. She just isnt doing a good enough job though. Danielle feels that some good old fashioned punishment will do the trick.

Cali is tied between two trees and oiled up so that each crack of the whip will sting just a little bit more on her freezing cold skin. This is one training day Kitty Cali will never forget.

This 17 minute video includes rope bondage, training, nipple clamps, shivering, ball gag, drooling, baby oil, whipping.


Enjoy the preview pics! More are available on my blog Cali Logan Land

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Revenge of the Asylum Escapee

In this Superherone Parody...

Months prior, Batgirl put a troubled girl into an Asylum for safe keeping. During her time there she was sedated, brainwashed and led to the brink of her patience. She used her time at the facility to do strength and agility training, in addition to learning about the powerful medication that she was administered daily.

On the day of her escape, the girl stopped by the nurses station and stole a large syringe of a powerful sedative that she planned to use on Batgirl to render her immobile. She spent the next several days scouring the town, until she stumbled upon Cali Gordon's place and discovered Batgirl's true identity.

This was her chance for revenge! She batted with the bat until she was afforeded the opportunity to administer the shot. Once it kicked in and Batgirl was frozen from head to toe, she disrobed the paralyzed heroine, fondling every inch of her body. Just as the serum was starting to wear off, Batgirl is ziptied and carried away.

This 17 minute clip includes superheroines, spendex, costumes, peril, groping, forced stripping and is availabe in my Power and Peril Store.

SWF Presents- The High Heel Match

The Sexy Wrestling Federation Presents: Cali Logan vs Sara Liz

This is a 3 round submission match that must be done in high heels. Both girls feel exceptionally confident of their wrestling skills and show off for the camera a bit before going hard to the mats. They put each other into several holds such as bear hugs, boston crabs and camel clutches. Each submit one time, until the final round, when Cali submits Sara, keeping her crown as queen of the league.

This 12 minute clip includes wrestling, female fighting, bear hugs, camel clutches, boston crabs, match box pin, figure 4 leg lock, high heels, costumes and is available in my General Fetish Store.