Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ab Abuse

Rachel and Cali are both in a modeling contest. Rachel sees Cali as a threat and accuses her of cheating by bribing judges.

In order to make sure that Cali doesnt interfere with Rachel's shot at the crown, she kidnaps her opponant and abuses her body. Cali is stripped down and fondled by the crazed blonde. But Rachel doesnt think that just leaving Cali stung up, naked and humiliated is good enough. She belly punches Cali until her stomach is red and swollen. To make it sting even more, Rachel rubs baby oil on Cali's abs.

Even if Cali did manage to escape, she is in no shape for the bikini portion of the contest!

This 10 minute clip includes belly punching, stripping, fondling, baby oil and arm over head bondage. Available in my c4s store.

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