Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Clothing Destruction with Keri and Cali

Keri is sick and tired of the slutty little outfits that Cali always wears around her boyfriend and shes going to do something about it. She ties Cali up to a chair and starts destroying her sweater by ripping of the buttons one by one. Cali is devistated and begs for her to stop. She has no intention of doing so!

Keri contiunes to rip and shred Cali's outift; even cuts it to pieces with a pair of scissors. To further the embarassment, Keri uses bits of the clothing to shut her captive up. By the end of the clip Cali is left naked completely naked, surrounded by tiny bits of what once was her favorite outfit.

This 13 minute clip includes clothing destruction, humiliation, bondage and is available in my clips4sale store.



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