Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cali's Shrunken Date

Its always fun to play a giantess! Here is the synopsis and some pics to my recent POV video where I shrink you down :)

Youre on a date with Cali and you notice that she is shorter than you thought she would be...after all, shes supposed to be a model. What kind of model is only 5'2'???

This is very offensive to you and she uses her magic powers to show you how big she can be. By shrinking you! She brings you down little by little until you are the size of a bug. Then she picks you up, threataning to eat you, but realizes that you arent worthy enough to become a part of her body and puts you back on the floor.

Finally she raises her foot and steps on you, crushing every bone in you body.

This 5 minute video includes POV and Giantess. It is available in my general fetish clip store.

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