Friday, January 25, 2013

Batgirl Gets Schooled- Part 1: Training Gone Wrong

Catholic school girls Hope and Faith are super excited that Batgirl is coming to give them a one-on-one Self Defense Lesson. Maybe a little too excited...

What Batgirl doesnt know, is that the two ladies are actually under the influence of Joker's silly string and naughty girls indeed. They attack Batgirl trying to catch her off guard, making fun of her all the while. At first Batgirl has the upper hand, deflecting the girls' attempts to defeat her.

After a back and forth fight, Faith pulls some *shocking* toys out of her backpack. Batgirl becomes weakened with every volt of electricity until she can no longer defend herself. Hope secures Batgirl in a school girl pin (how appropriate!) while Faith douses her in a healthy dose of Joker's Silly String.

This 9 minute clip includes superheroine, costumes, wrestling, female fighting and is available in my new Superheroine Clipstore Power and Peril.

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