Sunday, December 9, 2012

School Girl CRUSH

Cali Logan is a disrespectful little twit of a roommate! Angelique constantly asks her to be quiet while she is trying to read, but Cali refuses to give her any peace in the house, dancing around to obscene music and shaking her butt all over the place. Angelique can no longer take the nuisance and puts an end to Cali's noise by putting her into a school girl pin and crushing her like a little bug.

Cali complains of not being able to breathe under Angelique's weight, but Angelique is no longer going to back down. She continually crushes Cali until she is just about out. Then, applies a cradle hold to squeeze out her final bit of air.

Finally, Angelique will get some peace and quiet!

This 20 minute clip includes crushing, school girl pins a cradle hold and is available in my c4s store. 

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