Thursday, November 29, 2012

Beware of Alienware!

I dont usually like to make "complaint" posts, but this simply cannot be overlooked.

Over the summer, I purchased and Alienware x51 desktop from Dell on recommendation of my friend who is a computer technician. He said it has a great video card and would do well for my editing.

Right out of the box I had issues with the wireless connection. If I did not set my computer up within 5 feet of the router, my signal would drop. Not conducive to uploading videos to the internet. So I lugged my computer into the living room to be closer to the wireless source while searching for a fix.

Finally, on Nov 5, I stopped reading blogs online and called Dell to ask for help. Apparently its a "known issue" and they sent a tech out to replace the wireless card and antenna.

Nov 14th the tech replaces the parts and now it works, but I still only get 3-4 bars signal strength. Oh well, better then nothing. I also tell him that last week, my computer started doing something strange. It loses HDMI signal sporadically. He says that he's heard of this from another client, but doesnt have the parts/auth to fix that issue.

Nov 19th I call Dell because now the monitor is black and doesnt connect to the computer at all. We trouble shoot for 30 minutes...because obviously Im a moron who doesnt know what hole the cable should be plugged into. They decide to send an adapter to use the VGI port instead.

Nov 20th, 3:00pm the adapter arrives, but the problem is not fixed. I still stare at a blank screen when I boot up the Alienware tower.

Nov 20th, 5:00pm I now have time to call tech support. They have me on my office floor with tools taking apart my computer to disconnect the video card. After almost an hour, they come to the conclusion that my video cards and mother board need to be replaced.

Nov 30th rolls around and I finally have a technician come with the new parts. He replaces them, with no luck. He calls tech support and they treat him like an idiot, making him redo all of his installments. They even ask him to change the drivers...Lets use some common sense here...if the monitor is not connecting to the computer, how do you expect him to see the screen he needs to complete this task??

So now I sit on the phone with the Alienware team. 30 minutes and counting. They made me do all this diagnostic crap on my monitor and keyboard. What a surprise, theyre fine!

Their policy is to replace the motherboard 3 times before replacing the computer. We shall see what the technician brings next week!

If this was just a computer for fun, its wouldnt be so upsetting, but this is my business and Ive been down for almost a month.

The moral of the story....Alienware is waaaay overrated!!

Big props to World Wide Tech Services though. Their guys (and probably gals too) have been great and try very hard to resolve the issue. I would recommend them to anyone in need of computer repairs over the Geek Squad any day of the week!

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