Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Belly Punch Interrogation

Niki Lee and her agency finally get their chance to take down rival spy Cali Logan by catching her off guard in her own home. She is strung up to a post in her basement, stripped naked and repeatedly punched and tortured by Niki in an attempt to get confidential information. She tries using a billy club and taser on her prisoner, but Cali is resillent and will not give in.

After severe torment, Cali seises an opportunity to head but Niki, leaving her seeing stars just long enough to turn the tables. Niki isnt so tough on the other end of the beating and caves, giving Cali the information she needs to seek revenge on the bitch who betrayed her.

The clip runs 18 minutes and includes belly punching, nudity, humiliation, light bondage, sleeper hold, face slapping and available in my c4s store.

xoxo, Cali


1 comment:

  1. Cali-you and Niki were awesome in this clip! Hope it does well for ya!