Thursday, September 6, 2012

Oh my Crazy schedule!

I have an INSANE weekend coming up. It will be super fun, but Oh-So-Much work.

Today I'm trying to get all of my editing and uploading finished so that I can focus on all the things I have scheduled for the next 4 days. Then, Ill get all my scripts, props and costumes together for my shoots this weekend. Oh, and I get to pick up the super sexy Kobe Lee from the airport later. Woot!!

Tomorrow, Ill be working with Hannah Perez. Im super excited to see her again and know were going to have an amazing shoot. There is a First Time Foot Worship and Stuck video lined up for her. If I have enough time (please let me have enough time, lol) I'd like to try out a clothing destruction idea. Since I cleaned out my closets this weekend, I have a ton of stuff to sell, destroy and donate!

Saturday, Angelique Kithos will be visiting. Spectrum has hired us to do some wrestling videos together. Im pretty sure that Im going to be dominated in every match. Something about being 8" shorter than my opponent tells me that I dont stand a chance! From our 8am-call-time shoot, I have to rush to get ready and head to Brooklyn for the Riot Festival.

Sunday, I really hope I don't have a hang over from the music festival, because I have a shoot scheduled with Ashley Graham. She is going to get to sniff my Stinky Feet to her hearts content. I have a Superheroine Tickle Interrogation clip idea in my head that Im planning to film too. Directly after the shoot, Ill be headed down to Asbury Park to see the Offspring (side note- singer went to my hs, kinda cool I think!)

Monday, BIG shoot with Angelique. Thank goodness Jamie Daniels is going to come film and help on script. I have a bunch of Domination and Crush customs lined up. Its going to be a lot of work, but hey, I like being busy!

Tuesday, Edit, Edit, Edit!! And most likely Clean, Clean, Clean! After 4 days of insanity, Im sure my house is going to be a disaster.

Wednesday, Ill be working for Media Impact. I LOVE being a giantess, especially for Gary and his crew.

Next Thurs and Fri, I suppose since my wedding is the following weekend, I should finish all of my projects and get in touch with all of my vendors. Way to wait until the last minute!

Next Saturday, I get to be a villain for Heroine Peril! Danielle Trixie will play the superheroine which is awesome because Im always the one getting beat up.

After that, its all about the wedding and I will be MIA until Oct 2 :)

xoxo. Cali

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  1. sounds like an action packed month ahead! cant wait to see the output from this month, and also of course after you get back;> I think you may have a chance to be the dominator again