Monday, August 13, 2012

Super Sumiko

This was one of those videos I came up with on the fly because Sumiko is awesome and I needed to figure out something so I could hire her.

In the story, Sumiko has been reading about a Vampire Villain loose in her town and feels like she is powerful enough to take matters into her own hands. She lures the evil Vampire into her home by cutting her wrist to release the smell of fresh into the air. Her plan works and the Vampiress sneaks into the house, only to be greeted by *Super Sumiko*... The villain laughs at the naive young girl and demands to know who put her up to it. She doesnt believe that someone would challenge her on their own free will and tells Sumiko how foolish it is to take on a being with super powers. But Super Sumiko has a strong will and craves justice. Even after being lifted off of the ground by her throat and tied up, she refuses to give into the evil Vampire. The Vampiress likes the fight she sees in her captive and decides that she would make a great addition to the team. One little bit is all it will take...

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