Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Strip Arm Wrestling- Sasha vs Cali

This was a VERY close match. Sasha and I had a friendly arm wrestling match, where the loser was forced to remove an article of clothing after each fall. Both of us were pretty confident that we would be the winner and not end up nude, so when we were both in our underwear at the end, it was pretty embarrassing all around.

Both girls looking good:

 Cali looses the first fall:

 Now in her underwear, Cali decides that they should try the other arm, and it works in her favor as Sasha ends up losing her shirt:

The girls strain to win the next fall:

But its Cali who ends up losing:

 And she is not a happy camper:

Cali is fired up to win the next fall leaving Sasha completely topless:

Cali wins the next round leaving Sasha in nothing but a g-string:

Finally, both girls wearing just panties, Cali comes out on top, and Sasha is forced to take it all off:

Full video available in my Clip Store. 

A trailer featuring the first fall is available at YouTube and DailyMotion

xoxo, Cali

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