Sunday, August 19, 2012

Stephy as HQ

Another set with Steph! Here she plays the perfect HQ, on a mission to trick Batgirl/Battle Babe into getting spanked. She is quite clever with her tactics and ends up with the Bat over her knee!

The video is available in my Store under the title "Battle Babe gets Spanked by HQ"

Stephy will also be available for customs on Aug 30. For more information, check out Cali's Customs or email me at Enjoy the pics!

BG sneaks up on HQ snooping around:

HQ tells BG that if she can beat her at an arm wrestling match, she will allow the heroine to take her to jail without a fight. If BG loses however, she must let HQ spank her:

HQ cheats by knocking off BG's cowl:

 BG is a woman of her word, and since she lost, she must allow HQ to spank her:

HQ is having so much fun that she presses her luck one step further, making the goodie-two-shoes BG remove her clothing:

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