Monday, August 13, 2012

Cali's Foot Feind Fan

Gigi is a long time wrestling fan of Cali's and she dropped by the training space in hopes of running into her idol. Sure enough, Cali was there working up a sweat and Gigi was super eager to ask questions and help out. The subject of stinky feet came up and Gigi became increasingly curious, asking to smell Calis' sneakers. After a polite decline, Cali is offered some water by the fan, which she gladly accepts. It turns out that Gigi had some other plans though, as Cali falls to the floor unconscious. The foot fiend fan takes the opportunity to get her fill of Cali's filthy feet sniffing her shoes and socks, then rubbing her sweaty feet all over her face. When Cali wakes up, she sees what is going on and is very confused. Embarrassed, Gigi grabs Cali's stinky sneakers and bolts out of the room, leaving a groggy Cali to wonder what is going on. When Cali looks at her bare feet, she realizes that they are filthy and decides to clean them up a bit...with her tongue. 

Full 11 minute video available in my Store. Enjoy the preview pics!


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