Monday, August 27, 2012

Hannah's Back!

Sept 7, Hannah Perez will be back in Jersey and I'm lucky enough to shoot with her.

As an added bonus, she's coming to us a changed boobies!!! Warning:: I plan to touch them ;)

Get your customs in for this sexy lady! Info available at http:/ or email me at

Hannah's Stats:

5'2" tall 100lbs. Tan with long brown hair.

XoXo~ Cali

Friday, August 24, 2012

Aliens vs Giants

Cali and Jamie are relaxing in the backyard when they hear a strange noise. Upon further investigation, the girls realize that they are staring at a UFO full of tiny people. They don't want any trouble, so to dispose of the evidence, they begin to squish and smash all of these little guys with their fingers and toes. They even crush their ship to bits to in case they try to fly away.

The video runs 29 mins 18 seconds long and features giantess, crush and vore fetishes.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sexy Stephy

Hey all!

I'll be working with this lovely lady on Aug 30. If anyone is interested in a custom, contact me at

Stephy's stats: 5'5" 120 lbs, 34 B

XoXo~ Cali

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Stephy as HQ

Another set with Steph! Here she plays the perfect HQ, on a mission to trick Batgirl/Battle Babe into getting spanked. She is quite clever with her tactics and ends up with the Bat over her knee!

The video is available in my Store under the title "Battle Babe gets Spanked by HQ"

Stephy will also be available for customs on Aug 30. For more information, check out Cali's Customs or email me at Enjoy the pics!

BG sneaks up on HQ snooping around:

HQ tells BG that if she can beat her at an arm wrestling match, she will allow the heroine to take her to jail without a fight. If BG loses however, she must let HQ spank her:

HQ cheats by knocking off BG's cowl:

 BG is a woman of her word, and since she lost, she must allow HQ to spank her:

HQ is having so much fun that she presses her luck one step further, making the goodie-two-shoes BG remove her clothing:

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Stephy Anders- All Tied Up

In this video, Stephy asks you to try out some bondage to spice things up. The two of you have fun experimenting with different positions and gags. She really enjoys struggling for you!

The video is available on my c4s store, titled "Bored Blonde asks to be Tied Up"

Stephy will also be available for customs on Aug 30. Check out Cali's Customs or email me at for details.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Joker 8 Batgirl- The final scene

Batgirl and Joker Fetish Parody!

In the previous scene of Joker 8 Batgirl, it seemed that after much peril, Batgirl had gained the upper hand, escaping from her binds and grabbing a gun that the careless villain had left behind.

Unfortunately for Batgirl, the opening of Scene 2 doesnt start well, as she forgot about the electric panties she was wearing. HQ squeezes the remote, sending shocks through Batgirls body as she falls to the floor in agony.

Things only go down hill for the superheroine from there. She is humiliated, ridden like a pony and rigged up with a bomb. Once HQ has had her fun, she gets BG ready for the grand finale by rigging her up into a torture rack and seasoning her up for the feast.

The video is available in my Store. Enjoy the photo reel.